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12 Life Rules

1. Subtly or sharply, all relationships diverge. Hold each for its time, and not longer. (A rule about breaking relationships)
2. A partnership requires frequent mutual course-corrections and a commitment to the present and future selves of one’s partner. (A rule about committing to lifelong relationships)
3. Be jealous in what you attend to. Do not be afraid to shirk in order to pay dividends elsewhere. (A rule about compromises in work/effort)
4. Build things that enrich your soul; share things that enrich the commons. (A rule about making and creating things)
5. You will fall on the wrong side of history; do not overly venerate posterity. (A rule about your relationship to history)
6. Exchange money for time; exchange time for experience. (A rule about your relationship to wealth and status)
7. Bear your loved ones’ risks with grace. (A rule about your deepest grow-together relationships)
8. You will never quite be its master; be not your body’s slave. (A rule about your physical body)
9. Trust heterogeneous yet convergent data, not your senses or initial measure. (A rule about how you science)
10. Will your measure. (A rule about what your life is a measure of)
11. Own your actions. (A rule about how you appear in public)
12. Own your consequences. (A rule about irreversible public action)

Got that 12 Life Rules from Venkatesh Rao blog (one of the respond):

and this is his 12 original Life Rules:
Flip early, flip hard
Choose death-do-us-part consciously
Embrace the janky
Don’t be too suspicious of beauty
Pick your heresies
Money is a problem to be solved
Find your diving partners
Know your body
Pick your knowbel
Know what you measure
Pick your publics
Know your forks

My take on those 12 rules:
1. If I already know what to do, do it, If i don't, don't do it. Not doing something is a decision making process.
2. This is kind of too late for me :) I have to live with it, just see it as a partner and try to have no expectation whatsoever and love her as what she is. This is hard, still learning time to time.
3. embrace the janky, i remember i always got maid of the house being untidy. Slowly I learnt to embrace it, although i still prefer tidiness.
4. Build things that enrich soul, and share things that enrich commons this one. This is also why I am doing this blog. I am doing this as a medium to release my creativity to the world and also a way to share which i believe would be good for the public.
5. Pick your heresies, love this one too. Have to believe what i think is to be true, even though the whole world or majority are against it.
6. Money is problem to be solved or exchange money for time and exchange time for experience. Love this one. If i really want to have that experience, then I would want to do it. Live is about experiencing stuff. Live is too short.
7. Find your diving partners, I think for now it is the family for me. I want to be there with them and experiencing things with them although to be honest I still have a hard times to adapt to their way of thinking.
8. Know your body, this is especially true as i grow older ... my behaviour is more and more shaped by my body/genes instead doing what i want.
9. Trust heteregenous yet convergent data, this is i think very much well relate to being open and being willing to be mediocre instead expert. This also could happen when you are aggressively pursuing something, instead you are more doing it in a unilinear fashion. I remember my schooling in university, there are times I 'forced' myself to study for something, just because I am already there in the class and paid for it.
10. know what you measure ... not sure about this
11. pick your publics, own your actions ... there is freedom of speech vs consequences of your action. I could say or act whatever i want, but there will be consequences of my action.
12. know your irreversible consequences or forks (in the software world) .. this is in somecases hard to know before hand, but got to think twice about it before doing a fork or taking an exit.


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