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why I put all or most my money into technology sector

Technology role is to move something from scarcity to abundance. Everyone wants it. Who wants to live in scarcity?

Think about all the technology that we use today: Apple, Amazon, smartphone, TV, facebook, social media, netflix, etc. You might think that technology also 'create' loneliness, well technology is a tool just like a knife we could use them to kill ourselves or use them to make a delicious dish.

Besides what is the other option? Technology is a creation of wealth, that market/people could use and enjoy it.
But on the other hand creation is also destruction. Why is that? Everytime we create something that the market value, it will destroy something that the 'old' market value. It is just 2 sides of the same coin, we could not avoid it. But on the aggregate what we create is more positive than we 'destroy'.

Look at the revolution from agriculture to industrial age. what do we create? thousands or millions of job to the machinist, people who operate the machine, people who maintain the machine, people who supervise people who operate the machine, the engineers, the designer, etc. That is just the first order effect. what is the second order effect? well the product that come out from that machine become abundant, so create more shops, jobs, people who has to deliver that products, price become cheaper, people could live longer/healthier, etc.

But what do we destroy? well many of the farming related job are destroyed. is that good? I could argue it is good, because now those farmer or related farming job has been freed from a hard and mundane job which is physically challenging that machine could do a better job at it. Why would human want to compete with the machine? That is a sure way to lose.

Another angle to look at it from the point of view of the evolution humanity itself. we are human, and we like to create, thinker, experiment and build new things. Otherwise life would be so boring doing the same thing over and over again. Life would be so mundane, if there is no progress, no experimenting, no science, no building ...

I mean you could imagine if there is no progress or little progress at all, we are all just be a cave man and woman throwing rocks at each other! No seriously you might laugh about that, but that is exactly what happened when people does not allow progress/technology in their society: people will become bitter with one another, people will fight, people will just think of a 'zero sum' game instead of making the pie grow bigger, politicking is going to become big. That is the world of scarcity, people will just become animal in order to survive!

So no other option, to live is to progress into something new, to evolve to a better society and keep the ball rolling on.

This is why I put most of my extra money that I have into technology sector. It will not just make you more money (that is for another blog, not sure what would I call it) on the long run, but most importantly that is one of the most responsible thing to do with the extra money we have. Support our progress, support human building creation process, support humanity towards a more abundance future, supporting the young ones to keep on building an prosperous future for everyone.

Plus you will be proud as the owner of those amazing public technology companies.

There is one caveat on this thing which is timing: not everyone is ready or want a new thing even though it makes them more comfortable, this is because the 'old way' is already part of their identity and culture. So I respect them for what they want to choose. Remind me of the Amish people, they seem to be doing just fine with their 'old' technology.

But beside that, supporting technology is the closest thing I could think of as literally creating 'Heaven on Earth'. So, what are you waiting for?


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