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why technology matters and what technology to focus on

I have been listening to a16z ( ) : podcast, youtube channel and particularly the famous Marc Andreessen (considered to be the founding father of the internet + a16z cofounder). Yup he created the Netscape browser and also been listening to Balaji Srinivasan (he is one of the GP at 16z) ..not sure if he is still there. I wanted to convey this very simple yet very important message, that the role of technology is to create abundance . To make something that is scarce into abundance , hence improving human life. I had Master in electrical engineering but yet I have never thought about the role of technology in a simple yet profound manner. It is so simple yet so mind boggling to me, I could not see it until recently, and I am going to be 49 this year. I know right!, I am a slow learner in that regard :) Amazing! I felt I have the obligation and talent (although if i have to be honest with myself I am just an average learner in math or software engineering) to continu