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why technology matters and what technology to focus on

I have been listening to a16z ( : podcast, youtube channel and particularly the famous Marc Andreessen (considered to be the founding father of the internet + a16z cofounder).

Yup he created the Netscape browser and also been listening to Balaji Srinivasan (he is one of the GP at 16z) ..not sure if he is still there.

I wanted to convey this very simple yet very important message, that the role of technology is to create abundance. To make something that is scarce into abundance, hence improving human life.

I had Master in electrical engineering but yet I have never thought about the role of technology in a simple yet profound manner. It is so simple yet so mind boggling to me, I could not see it until recently, and I am going to be 49 this year. I know right!, I am a slow learner in that regard :)

Amazing! I felt I have the obligation and talent (although if i have to be honest with myself I am just an average learner in math or software engineering) to continue pursuing my life in technology.

One thing I am still struggling is to focus on what technology I should be focusing on. I have 3 main areas:
1. Artificial Intelligence specifically Deep Learning
2. Blockchain, probably etherium instead of crypto currency
3. Web technologies (like mobile development, app development)

If I look at my background and interest when I was younger I had taken a quite a number of math sources, including calculus, linear algebra and I remember I was quite good at quantitative analysis.

Also I was also fond of physics when I was in elementary school. I noticed some of the people I admired in this area (Machine Learning and Deep Learning) has background in physics too! Like Andrej Karparthy (Tesla AI Director) and Katie Malone (Data Scientist in Civics)

Is there a correlation people who love physics also love Data Science, Machine Learning + Deep Learning stuff? I am curious what the correlation would be :)

I had taken course in cryptography also though, while my background was in electrical engineering and business management.

Looks like, based on my background and what I used to like (although I would not say that I am very good at it, just average) then probably Deep Learning is the one that i have to focus on.


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