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Learning Crux

The meaning of learning should encompass everything that we do, not just the subject matter. this means when we say we are learning math, is not just we are learning math but we also learning the preparation to get that math ready and the after math too. In this was we are managing our expectation in a way that everything that we do involve patience and making mistake. this is why we see that the subject matter is the important thing, but also the before and after. If we could have that kind of mindset then we will have a living in the present moment all the time. Because now suddenly there is no end and beginning, everything is like a continuous flow.

the paradox of creating something big

is to create something small ...that is the short answer. Linux created from something small about 25 years ago, only from 1 person who is trying to create an OS besides the gnu or something like that ..from the prevailing OS that was much more popular at that time. This was i think even DOS was invented. the key point there is start with your own problem, and to make the user base happy and keep on improving there, and also the key is make it open and/or collaborative so other people could join in improving the OS. I think that is very empowering, because now people could not just give feedback but also could build it on their own that improvement if they want too. the key take away point: - start with your own problem (start small) - launch it and get feedback from the end-user (not mediator) - improve based on the feedback - make it collaborative another example is google probably is one of the answer too can you think of something else?