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How to enter flow state?

Do something that is fun, make the brain engaged. That is the only way to learn.

Other helpful ways to enter the flow:
- Do something that is scary but educational or learning something.
- Exercise to increase the oxygen to our head.
- Learn something that is really hard but not boring.

If it gets boring, it means your brain is not engaged. STOP whatever you are doing, and change to something else.

Learn new things, normally when it is learning new things it makes the brain engaged more in an overdrive fashion.

- Be in the present moment - by first taking a deep breath
- be mindful and focus all your attention on the present moment.
- feel your body sensation, feel the hand doing the typing, feel the movement of your leg and so on.
- practice meditation.

I did not realized that being in a flow is the same as being in the present moment when the ego fades on the background. Interesting.

Practice, practice and practice to be in the present moment. Probably you could also try body sensation meditation or vipassana meditation.

If you like sex, then that could be a gateway for being in the flow state.

I think the danger is the fact that if the process of being in the state of flow not a very healthy one.
One thing for sure we will be addicted on the present moment, nobody wants to live NOT in the present moment. It is like a torture.

I meant you could achieve the flow state with drugs too, but not sure it is the best way to do it since there could be a negative side effect.

I think practicing the meditation is the most cost effective and healthy to do it. You don't need money, you could do it right here, right now.

And any physical activities or any non physical activities could be use as a form of meditation.

Also at some point you will notice that you could not 'force' meditation to occur. It kind of just happens. It is like a fruit, so it is the effect instead of the cause. It is like an apple tree, you just provide a good soil, water and sun then the apple fruit is just happen! No effort on the fruit itself.


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